Illinois Youth Baseball Coaches Association

The Illinois Youth Baseball Association is non for profit association that promotes the education and training of youth baseball coaches in the state of Illinois. Our purpose is to help coaches and parents make the game of baseball fun and exciting for children of all age groups. There is a sea of information out there when it comes to coaching baseball.  It can be very confusing and difficult to navigate.  Our goal is to use this site as the starting and finishing point of your youth coaching experience.

We have redone our site to be more streamlined and easy to navigate with no clutter.  When the site was redone, we stuck to the KISS mantra.  We will continue to add to, update and evolve our site.  You can find news on the left hand column of our site.

If you have an idea for our site, or would like to make a contribution to it in the form of an article or blog, please contact us.  The more information we have for our coaches, the better our youth baseball players are served.

Coaches Clinic 3/13 RESCHEDULED!!!

Due to a website glitch and schedule conflict we are going to reschedule our coaches clinic. The clinic for March 13th is cancelled and information will be sent out in regards to the new date and time shortly. We apologize for the inconvenience and are working on fixing the website problem.

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